Celebrate Earth Day in Kansas City | Melissa Barron

Celebrate Earth Day in Kansas City


Earth Day

What better way to celebrate Earth Day here in KC than to explore our extensive network of public parks? The Kansas City area boasts more than 200 parks spread out all over the metropolitan area. Grab a picnic basket and a pair of sunglasses and head outside with your family and friends!

  • Rotary Park in Blue Springs spans 12 acres and features an array of installations, including a basketball court, gazebo, sand volleyball, walking trail and several pieces of public art.
  • No need to bring your own toys to Franklin Park in Prairie Village—the large sandbox provides toys for everyone to use! The park also hosts an exercise trail, picnic tables and sports fields.
  • Hop on the Speedway Zip Line, hang loose on the Jupiter XXL Jungle Gym or fly on the 4-Bay Swing Set at Lea McKeighan Park in Lee’s Summit.
  • Covering 75 acres, Loose Park off of the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City is a local favorite. Be sure to check out the municipal rose garden.
  • Head north of the river to see gigantic fiberglass animals atPenguin Park. The menagerie includes a penguin (of course), giraffe, kangaroo and elephant, and the park also features a fire truck, slides, merry-go-round and more.

There’s no reason to contain your love of Mother Earth to just Earth Day. Why not keep the party going all year long? Here are some small ways to save the planet every day.

  • Instead of buying plastic water bottles, buy a water bottle to fill up at the tap and reuse. Not only will this cut down on landfill, it’ll help your grocery bill!
  • Do you have a cabinet in your house overflowing with plastic grocery bags? Keep the debris to a minimum by buying a couple cloth grocery bags to haul to the store.
  • Invest in a digital thermostat, like a Nest, that automatically adjusts the temperature in your home to use less energy and save you money on your electric bill. Our friends at A.B. May can help with installation.
  • Do away with your paper bag lunch and stow your meal in plastic, reusable containers.

Want a big backyard to commune with Mother Nature all year round? We can help you find it!Contact us today.